12 Questions to have your employees answer about you!

Are you a leader with influence? Can you engage and mobilize your employees?

One way to assess your ability to influence your employees is to ask them a series of questions. Find out to what degree they agree or disagree with the following:

1. I am competent

2.I am credible

3. I demonstrate personal commitment

4. I have character and integrity

5. I am resilient

6. I serve

7. I care about my employees

8. I am committed to my employees’ success

9. I admit mistakes

10. I lead by going first and setting the example

11. I seek respect even if I am not always popular

12. My words and deeds match

Where you sit with your employees on these questions determines how effective you are as a leader. Where ever you sit now, we can all improve. Good leaders are continually growing and improving. We don’t start out as Level 5 leaders.

But to grow and gain in influence we must know where we are now. That is what this kind of assessment is designed to give you.

After getting feedback on these questions, determine one behavior and one attitude you can change immediately to better earn the right to lead.

For more comprehensive feedback to identify areas and opportunities for your leadership growth, you can take the Maxwell Leadership Assessment. This is an online based 360-degree assessment based on John Maxwell’s book, The Five Levels of Leadership.

Visit my webpage to find out more about this assessment.


adapted with permission of Coach Master Toolkit

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