Are you a Decisive and Confident Leader?

I’m reading a book called American Generalship about WW II leaders. Many of the leaders interviewed cite that a list of characteristics of leadership must include a certain decisiveness and a certain confidence.

They state that in most cases decisiveness and confidence come from knowledge based on studies and training. Examples include General MacArthur and General Patton. One general believed that their broad knowledge of the military profession contributed greatly to their boldness in decision and their success as leaders.

Are decisiveness and confidence just as important for leaders outside the military? Where have you seen these characteristics displayed in good leaders? Where have you seen leaders struggle due to a lack of these characteristics?

I believe leaders need to develop these characteristics to be successful regardless of where and who they are leading. I know I always felt more decisive and more confident when I had studied and put in the time to learn about the organization I was leading and the mission we performed.

Are you constantly learning and developing your mind? Can you then apply this knowledge as you go along in your career? Knowledge leads to confidence which leads to decisiveness. When you get to that point you become more competent as a leader.

How would you rate yourself in decisiveness and confidence? What other characteristics would you add to the list?

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I am a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker. I am passionate about Leadership and helping leaders reach their full potential by becoming all they can be.

I am a 30-year Army veteran with vast experience as a logistician. I have commanded small to large units and served on staffs all over the world.

I worked for six years in the defense industry supporting Army organizations.

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