What I learned about 360-Degree Leadership Assessments

Recently I took the new John Maxwell 360-Degree Leadership Assessment. I wanted to familiarize myself with the tool. The assessment evaluates 64 leadership attributes from John Maxwell’s book The Five Levels of Leadership. Here is what I learned:

  1. There is a tendency for resistance to a 360-degree assessment. Being confronted with uncensored data can be upsetting and I needed to explore my feelings about the feedback.
  2. It was most helpful to use a coach to help me process the data and think into the results I want to get from the assessment. This is one of those things I would recommend to not do at home by yourself.
  3. It was best to look at the data and try to identify several patterns or themes. Otherwise the feedback can be overwhelming when trying to decide on an action plan.
  4. Ultimately I had to decide if the feedback was valid and what the results really meant. I also had to decide what areas were worth working on. Not every area brought up in the feedback would contribute to the results I am trying to achieve if I worked to improve it.

About the feedback:

  • It affirmed some areas of my leadership
  • It validated other areas where I knew I needed improvement
  • It identified some blind spots

All together the experience was positive and gave me a solid action plan to improve my leadership abilities. I recommend the 360-Degree Leadership Assessment for anyone that wants to get better as a leader.

To check out the assessment go to my website at www.JohnMaxwellGroup.com/RobertEnglish. Contact me for assistance in administering the assessment, processing the feedback, and developing an action plan.

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I am a 30-year Army veteran with vast experience as a logistician. I have commanded small to large units and served on staffs all over the world.

I worked for six years in the defense industry supporting Army organizations.

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