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Today’s advice from a Hawk:
– Soar to New Heights
– Be a Keen Observer
– Swoop Down on Opportunities
– Rise Above it All
– Spread Your Wings
– Find a Field that Suits You
– The Sky’s the Limit!
-Ilan Shamir-

This morning I am trying to focus on the future. Looking at my personal and business goals for next year and goals for several organizations I am in. It can get overwhelming and I find myself going in circles. Looking at the advice from Ms. Hawk, I realize I need to Rise Above it All, Spread My Wings and look at things with a fresh perspective. Then I can better determine where I want to be next year and what I need to do differently to get there. When you take some time to Rise Above it All, you really do realize that The Sky’s the Limit! When was the last time that you went to a place where you could get a fresh perspective on things?

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I am a 30-year Army veteran with vast experience as a logistician. I have commanded small to large units and served on staffs all over the world.

I worked for six years in the defense industry supporting Army organizations.

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