How do you transform a country?

I spent a week recently with 150 other John Maxwell certified leadership coaches teaching transformational leadership to over 20,000 people throughout Guatemala. Transformation is about growth, personal growth. Our theme for the week was “Transformation is within me.” We taught people from government, business, education, religious organizations, media and military to facilitate round tables of 4-10 people. The round table program consisted of the 15 Laws of Growth from John Maxwell’s book and 15 values chosen in a survey by 12,000 Guatemalan’s.

John Maxwell says three things about Transformational Leadership. 1. Transformation begins with a calling – “I want to make a difference.” Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” 2. Transformation stands on a cause – “doing something that makes a difference.” The people of Guatemala are ready to make a difference in their country. There is much to change in Guatemala which is currently plagued by debilitating social issues. 3. Transformation spreads from me to we – “with people who make a difference.” The roundtable will begin a process of values-based transformational leadership development country-wide. Each person we taught will facilitate a round table once a week for 30 weeks. That’s 20,000 times 4,6, or 10. And they may do a round table at work and at home. Now you can see how transformation begins with me.

Do you need to transform yourself? Do you need to grow to get better at work or at home. We can all transform ourselves and grow by examining our values, evaluating ourselves on how we live out those values, then developing steps to improve. To really grow and improve our lives, we must live out and demonstrate our values everyday. Just proclaiming a list of values as our own won’t work. It won’t work in the marketplace, it won’t work at home. As we grow and get better, the people around us will also start to grow and get better. 


So, how do you change a country, or an organization, or you? Transformation begins with you, one person at a time.