Where is your leadership Lid?

Leadership ability is the lid that determines your effectiveness as a leader. To get more effective as a leader you need to continually work on improving your leadership abilities. Some things you can do:
1. Invest in yourself. Make training and learning a lifestyle.
2. Get out of your comfort zone and do something beyond yourself. We have a way of growing when we get in over our head.
3. Take time to reflect on your experiences. There is always something to learn when we evaluate our experiences. Make reflection a habit.
4. Get a mentor or a coach. Sometimes we get in our own way and need another person to help us find our path.

Bottom line: Find your leadership lid and be intentional about growing your abilities.

Welcome to my Blog

I have recently launched into a new chapter of my life. I joined the John Maxwell Team and have become a John Maxwell certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker. John is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker and author of over 70 books. My passion for helping others reach their goals led me to join the John Maxwell Team.

I will be sharing some of the insights that I gain from this experience in my blog. John’s leadership philosophy is simple, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” So, I hope that thoughts from my journey as a leader along with principles from John’s teachings will aid you in your journey and help  you become a better leader and achieve your and your organization’s goals.